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Blortnikson, Aendasia
Description Empress Mother of Beinison at the time of the Great Houses War. Married at a young age of Emperor Alejandro VII Blortnikson, she lived most of her life in Beinison, although she was born in Baranur. As the favourite niece of King Stefan II Tallirhan, she was illegally designated his heir when he disowned Caeron Tallirhan after the latter's conversion to the Stevenic faith. When Emperor Alejandro died in 896 B.Y. and Aendasia's eldest son rose to the Beinisonian throne, King Stefan arranged for her to marry Valeran Northfield, ruler of the most powerful of the Great Houses of Baranur. One of the major characters of the Great Houses War; she refused to recognize Caeron's coronation and proclaimed herself Queen of Baranur. Although living in Beinison at the time of Stefan II's death, she quickly rallied several of the Great Houses to her cause and marched into Baranur at the head of a professional Beinisonian army. While not a warrior by profession, she learned the rudiments of armed combat and was toughened by the cruelty of Alejandro VII during her early years in Beinison. In battle she weilded a great two-handed mace fashioned to look like a sceptre. At the time of the Great Houses War, she was in her mid-thirties but retained the health and beauty of youth. She was tall and athletic, with long blonde hair that was almost white.