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Glasmelyn Llaw
Description A tower constructed of green crystal, built by the wizard Tarlada. It has the appearance of a giant green hand thrusting up from the ground, hence its nickname "the Emerald Hand". Located in a remote part of the Quiashrion Woods south of Dargon, it was infiltrated by Cefn and Je'en when they rescued a gypsy woman whom Tarlada had captured. After the wizard's death, it lay abandoned for several months until a pair of adventurers discovered and looted it. Unfortunately for them, the tower's magical defenses caused them to turn to stone.
  • Glasmelyn Llaw 1 in FSFnet 6-5 Maks and Syusahn come upon Glasmelyn Llaw, and discover that it is not entirely derelict.
  • Glasmelyn Llaw 2 in FSFnet 7-1 The defenses placed into the tower by Tarlada succeed in trapping Cefn - only Je'en's bardic knowledge has a chance of freeing him.
  • the Treasure 3 in FSFnet 9-2 Passing reference
  • Take from the Tower in DargonZine 6-2 Adventurers Berk and Kintrell loot the tower, but are turned to stone by residual magic.